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Thread: JJ's in a Pittbull 45

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    Default JJ's in a Pittbull 45

    Hello Folks,
    I'm new to the VHT family and need some advice. No better place than
    here I bet. I just got this amp near mint. Looking to get replacement
    tubes. I know spec from the factory they use Sovteks. Just want to hear
    what your experiences are with JJ's. I've used them before in other Peaveys
    and stuff and they were great. Thanks again.

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    Default Anyone?

    Is there anyone out there using these tubes?

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    Well, my singer has a Pitbull 45 and he tried JJ's and didn't like them as much as the stock tubes it came with.

    Maybe the amp is just designed for Sovtek? I dunno just speculating.

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