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Thread: Deliverance and GT-8

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    Default Deliverance and GT-8

    I have been looking into getting a Deliverance or a GP3. I know the Deliverance does not have an effects loop. How would you go about using a GT-8 for effects that belong in the loop such as delay etc.? I have heard that you can put speaker output of Deliverance to a hot plate or load box then into the GT-8 and into a power amp. I do have a Marshall el34 50/50 power amp that im using the GT-8 as a preamp for. HAs anybody here done that or could you explain it to me. Otherwise I may try out the GP3 as a preamp and put into the loop of the GT-8.

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    Default Line-Out Box

    One way to deal with this is to use a line-out box. (Custom Audio makes one) Basically, you plug one of your speaker outputs into the box and then from the box into your speaker cabinet. Cabinet MUST be connected(THIS IS NOT A LOAD BOX). There is a second output on the box which is a line-level output. Connect this to an FX unit, line mixer, soundboard, poweramp, etc.. BTW, the Deliverance is an AWESOME amp! Highly recommended...

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