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    i just got me a pittbull 50cl and i love it , i find im missing a clean channel so id like to switch to a clx or ul, i know the clx uses el34 and the ul uses kt88 and i also know kt88 gives you a big sound and el34 gives you a more vintage feel, but could someone explain the difference betwenn both amps or are they the same amps just using different power tubes?

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    As far as I remember from earlier threads discussing this, yes....


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    Same preamp sections, different power sections...
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    They are pretty much the same. The biggest difference is that with the CLX's rythm channel you can get more gain than the UL's rythm channel.
    So it all basically depends on if you like the drier KT88 tone or the warmer darker EL34 tone. I would not say the EL34's make it more vintage however, both amps are very modern sounding IMO.
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    thanks guy's i think i will go with the CLX, kt88 gives a big hudge sound but i like the bite of el34's..

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