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Thread: Two Ninety Two no difference in volume between 90 & 60 Watts

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    Default Two Ninety Two no difference in volume between 90 & 60 Watts

    Just received a used 2006 VHT Two Ninety Two power amp off of Reverb.
    When switching between 90 & 60 watts, there is no difference in the volume.
    With both channels volumes at noon it’s not overly loud. Making me think it’s only operating in 60 Watt mode.

    I am running a Fractal FM3 through it going into two Mesa 2x12 cabs. One cab per channel.
    Each output from the FM3 are going into the power amps A and B channels.

    All four power tubes are lit up in both power modes.
    Any ideas?
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    I can't provide meaningful comments on the 60/90 W observation. not having owned a 2/90/2, it's possible the low-power switch only affects power amp headroom and not power amp gain. if you turn it up all the way does the low-power switch cut the volume/increase saturation?

    as for the "not overly loud," I presume you're operating the level switch in the louder mode?

    and finally, when diagnosing issues like this, my first step would be to swap all the power tubes with known good ones. especially if you're dealing with a second-hand amp you just bought and had shipped to you.

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