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Thread: 2/50/2 Both fuses went out

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    Default 2/50/2 Both fuses went out

    I just received a brand new 2/50/2 and I'm running a Helix rack as the preamp and with less than 30 minutes of use the channel A fuse failed. I connected to channel B and that fuse has now failed as well. When the amp arrived the box did look like it had been dropped on its corner. From a quick search it seems that this problem is indicative to bad tubes. I just wanted to see if this is a correct assumption or is something else going one.
    Thanks Frank

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    a nasty drop could definitely damage the tubes enough to cause excessive current draw and thus a blown fuse. after checking the basics (cables good, speakers good, impedance switch set correctly, etc.), I would try swapping the power tubes with a good new pair and making sure the grid bias is set correctly.

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