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Thread: Fryette Power Station 2 question

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    Default Fryette Power Station 2 question

    I need advice about Fryette Power Station 2

    My question is if the LOAD works when there is a TS (mono jack) plugged into the SPKR OUT of the PS2 when I use it in silent mode?
    I would like to use my PS2 along with a custom 8x6 Amp/cabinet switcher which I use in my studio to switch faster between 8 tube amps and 6 cabinets.
    This amp/cab switcher has inserts for using all amps connected in via Attenuator. This works perfect with my PS2.
    INSERT OUT from the Switcher goes to AMP IN of PS2 and INSERT IN goes to SPKR OUT of PS2.
    This way all my amps are affected of the Attenuator but sometimes I would like to use it in silent mode (working with IR’s) and I’m not sure if the LOAD works with jack plugged into the PS2’s SPKR OUT.
    I wouldn’t try before I am sure it’s safe for my precious tube amps!
    Thank you in advance.

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    I've come across your question, but it's been months already so you might know the answer, am I right?
    I just got PS2 and I experimented a bit so I realized that when you do not turn on PS2 (passive way) and you do NOT connect the speaker cable, the sound from amp is attenuated completly and is provided line level on line out jack (or XLR). But when you DO connect speaker jack out of PS2 to a box, the sound is NOT attenuated at all and is delivered in FULL VOLUME to that speaker output. It behaves the same way when PS is turned ON and in STANDBY mode.
    This info is nowhere to be found. So when I play silent with Two Notes Cab M+ into headphones I have to disconnect the speaker from PS2 or have it running ON with Volume set to zero which, after all, seems a bit impractical.
    Hope it helps.
    Richard, Czech Rep.

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