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Thread: Pittbull fifty/CL tube question

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    Default Pittbull fifty/CL tube question

    Hello ,

    What kind of tube is preferred for high-gain in V1 for Pittbull 50/CL?

    In the manual i read 12AX&WB or for high-gain it says only ..Chinese....What Chinese brand should it be ? (Customer service does not reply my email about this.)

    What tube is preferred for high-gain, brown sound type ?

    At this moment I have a 12AX7WC in V1 before I used a 12AXLPS which sounded better to my ears but it was very microphonic.

    Thanks !
    Best regards fromThe Netherlands,
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    I hated the wb in v1.

    actually I recently posted some info about tubes in my fifty/cl in the thread called: VHT/Fryette CL100 tube question

    when fryette says chinese they mean shuguang 12ax7-a. lots of people (e.g. ruby, penta, groove tubes) rebrand these (among others), but you can get them unbranded. hence there really isn't a single brand for chinese 12ax7s. the unbranded ones say 12ax7 china on them. you can find them by searching for shuguang 12ax7-a or thereabouts

    the shuguang 12ax7-b will probably also work well but I haven't tried them.

    I've also use electro harmonix 12ax7s and tung-sol 12ax7s in v1 with success. they don't sound too different and all have low microphonics. some might find the tung-sol overly bright but if you're cranking the amp this is hardly a problem.

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