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Thread: VHT/Fryette CL100 tube question

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    Default VHT/Fryette CL100 tube question

    Hey guys, new here and stoked to find a group just for Fryette. I have a used CL100 on the way and was wondering what Power and Preamp tubes you guys like in this amp.

    Was thinking about the Tung Sol EL34B for the power section


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    new sensor mullard el34s

    I actually recently went through a whole thing with trying a bunch of tubes in various positions for my fifty/cl. what I ended up with was chinese shuguang 12ax7a's for v2-v4 (which is actually what the manual recommends) and a ruby 12ax7acz hg+in v1. the ruby is a selected/rebranded JJ ecc83. note that steve fryette rips on jj tubes as being shitty, and rightly so. but the ruby selected ones have actually been good in my experience. the sovtek 12ax7wb is absolutely terrible in v1 unless you're never going to play high-gain; it's pretty quiet and has a bad noise floor for the little amount of gain it has. the chinese 12ax7a's perform well in v1 too, as do the standard EHX 12ax7s and a bunch of others I tried, but I found the ruby hg+ I put in there has a little bit more gain than the rest and lower susceptibility to microphonics. I play wide open on the master volume a lot of the time, so I need the lowest microphonics tube in v1 as possible.

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