Loved this, it's so rare to see RS shown for RuneScape gold it is. Also saying Runescape can be grindy is an understatement, I have played since 2005 and also have turned into a hell of a great deal of time to Runescape. The individual who has the maximum quantity of gametime of any sport also is from RuneScape, so that should say something lol.Runescape 3 can also be fairly great just saying you rather quickly trashed on Runescape3 however don't mention Runescape3 has better and more quest for both free and members and all the content of Runescape2 its much new player friendly. Runescape3 has better pve and pve content. I began in 07 that said I say if a brand new go attempt Runescape3 first not Runescape2 first imo.

Man, in some way I believe u are mistaken. I ll start with, obvious, images, man u need to know that we are in 2018, rtx is outside, there are fresh standards.second I do not think that rpg element is superior in rune scape, I have identical experience in eso such as. Third, Runescape is to much grind, and it's sooooo annoying to grind quests, what say are sooo unique, with aye damaging graphics. I feel like we're desperate for mmo rpg such as Runescape in 2018-2019 or in last 2020 using supirior graphics, gameplay, and game feel complete if it makes sense,so guy I respect and admit ur opinion in this vid, but one thing I ask is to react to my opinon. ) ?

He talked about the graphics lol just consider it as for grinding meh if your optimize ur time can max an accounts in less then a year with methods that were appropriate combat stats not skilling maximum. I perform for PvP it is a rush since I tribrid and it takes a great deal of skill regrettably pvp community is dieing since the skill gap is to buy RS gold large vet gamers stomp anyone trying to get to pking and also to make it worse a lot shit talk the brand new participant and they never try pvp again.well man ill beginning with this I understand ur comment. So first un admit that graphics are outdated. Seconde, for me, one year is A big grinde for sport with outdated graphics and gameplay.