It seems a woman named Shelly van Lowe"...was in search of her brother, Calvin, who vanished just before the Great War. "If you read something like that fallout 76 weapons, you kind of assume that unraveling the puzzle will bring you facial using a Sheepsquatch, or anything a Sheepsquatch has instead of a face. (Or maybe it's two faces?

As I and numerous confused Fallout 76 players discovered, that's not quite the case. So if you reached the conclusion of the questline and wound up standing in a cabin in the middle of nowherefrowning in a terminal and wondering what the hell was going on--or maybe wondering why nothing was happening --you are not alone. Most of the quest involves discovering clues in Lewisberg, and the crowd of players after the quest today should provide you a good sign when you are on the right path. In reality, one of the first things I did in the start of the pursuit was see that a secret door having been opened by somebody who had almost reached the end of the pursuit. Maybe not a great concept to start and finish a quest?

Anyway, after collecting notes and reading terminal entrances and hunting a variety of rooms in a variety of buildings in a couple different towns, you understand the roots of this Sheepsquatch, you come into ownership of some keycard, and you're guided to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. There is a terminal in the marketplace, and when it's your turn to use it (such as I mentioned, plenty of people are completing this pursuit now so there's often a queue forming at the terminals), you will see the directions on the best way to ditch the Sheepsquatch. Then, upon after those instructions, the terminal told you to come back later.

Um. Okie dokie! I thought maybe, you understand, because I came all this way in the quest's urging, that perhaps we can go on and finish the quest right now? Rather than an unspecified time later? You've completed the quest as it turns out! It is marked as completed in your own log. Congratulations! It is just over, at the largest anticlimax since Y2K.Where's the damn Sheepsquatch, then? Thing is, the actual Sheepsquatch is not part of this pursuit, it is a part of a new occasion. Events in Fallout 76, as you probably know, are designed for groups Buy Fallout 76 Items. If you're not already in a group, you might not have the ability to summon the Sheepsquatch whatsoever, ever, as I at least six or eight other players I watched poking around the cottage on different servers at different times were gradually finding out as we made question mark emotes at each other. On Twitch, I watched players kind of hanging around the cottage, wondering how to kick off this thing.