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Thread: How to attract Seller Leads

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    Default How to attract Seller Leads

    Hello everyone,

    I am a new Real Estate agent, roughly 3 months in, and I am either impatient or failing epic-ly at marketing. Here is what has been done, and here is what has transpired in trying to attract sellers.

    - Logo designed and color palette chosen for consistency and professional look

    - Facebook and Instagram biz pages put in place

    - I am a graphics designer and created templates for coming soon, new listing, etc online ads using chosen color scheme

    - Website created (no IDX due to no money )

    - Door knocking on 100 doors and left flyers I designed. Even spoke to some home owners. Not one person has responded yet.

    - Social Media ads have been sent out on numerous occasions.

    - Created sellers guides, told everyone we know, networking events, and the list goes on and on.

    I am not anticipating getting 100 leads but not even '1' has been through all the marketing I've done. I've received leads through my lenders and one/two from my broker, but aside that, it's been quiet. I look at the MLS in my area and New Listings are going up daily. What am I doing wrong? I plan to continue doing what I am doing. But am I missing something? I have enough buyer leads but I'm stuck on attracting sellers.

    Once again thank you for your help.

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    Congrats on hitting the ground running. I`m an agent from Conversion-monster. In my area, I was told that new agents usually work with buyers for the first year (up to two years). However, that was not my case because I did not let myself off the hook - no excuses kind of attitude.
    Let me ask you this? Are you being mentored? Are you shadowing a top-producer? Are you involved i.e. what is your sphere of influence? Statistics show that you must "farm" an area up to 6-9 times before you see a response and have at least 9 "touches" before you may hear back from someone. Do you have a listing packet? Do you have a buyer packet? Have you completed a listing agreement? Can you explain it? No IDX can be a problem for your website.
    Keep at it and it will pop.
    There is a saying that I believe is true....people sell and buy real estate with someone the know, love and trust.

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