This is how I set up the Deliverance.

Set all tone controls to noon. ... including Presence and Depth.

Set the Master between 9 and 10 o'clock.

Set More / Less for the range you want.

Adjust Gain I get the right balance of highs and lows.

Adjust Gain II for amount of distortion you want.

Fine tune Master for balance of overdrive with distortion from the gain controls.

Adjust Presence and Depth before Treble/Midrange/Bass.

I usually adjust the Depth first. Getting the right balance of tight and give in the bass.

Adjust the Presence for cut....I prefer it up for rhythm playing. Low for leads usually.

Now do the fine tunning with Treble, Midrange and Bass.

I see the Treble as a balance of highs and the Bass / Midrange controls. The Treble is first in the tone stack and has the strongest effect on the sound.

Next in the tone stack is Bass. Besides adjusting the bottom effects how fast the attack is. Less bass is faster attack.

Last in the tone chain Midrange. Obviously setting low allows for a lot more top and bottom. Turned up really helps cut. In fact when playing with a band if I can't hear myself I adjust the Midrange usually instead of the Master.