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Thread: Where did your trip became unforgettable for you?

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    Default Where did your trip became unforgettable for you?

    It was in Osaka Japan in April of 2007. Me 3 other friends walk into this dive bar where there was the bartender, his girl friend, another guy and his two female companions. Osaka isn't as forgiving as Tokyo in terms of the English/Japanese language barrier. We started off the night struggling to get the bar tender to make us drinks. Suddenly we found ourselves singing karaoke where the losing team had to do shots of tequila. My group split into two separate teams vs the patrons vs the bar tender/girlfriend duo. It was amazing at how well they could sing American rock songs but not understand English. We sang songs together, talked anime as best we could, and shared cultural drinking. Lick(lick salt from your hand), Slam(shoot tequila), suck(take in the lime) was unknown to our Japanese friends.

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    Wow cool, fun it all happened. One of my best trips was an adventure in Iceland under water !!! This was the first experience for me, I took advantage of the service because I simply did not know what to do with these couple of days. But in the end I acquired positive memories that make me happy so far. This is something impressive.

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