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    Alright guys, now I needed to ask advice from you. The fact is that I and my wife divorced. For 3 years we tried to establish our family, but the feelings for each other have cooled down and it remains only to let go of each other. We have a daughter, and I do not know how she will react to this, I worry about her, but I need to think about other things. Advise a good lawyer. I want leave my daughter with me.

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    Hello how are you? I'm so sorry that this happened. I think you're a good guy and that is not your fault.

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    Thanks for these words. In this situation, it's not me, not my ex. It's just that sooner or later it's going to happen. It's horrible. feeling as if all the years have been lived in vain and it all didn't make sense...

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    I want to say that you will be all right. Many are in your place, not everyone knows who to turn to for help. All that happened - made you what you are now. And you should never regret your decisions, I think you all had good reasons for doing something anyway. All the same, you have a daughter thanks to all this for which you are ready to fight. Not everyone knows where to turn in these situations, and in a sad situation it's hard to get together and find really real pros. After a similar situation I can confidently say that was helped in all my situation, decided everything quickly and without unnecessary problems. I'm glad I cooperated with them - they will help you.

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    Just thanks for everything.

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