Hello Fryette/VHT-enthousiasts,

I recently went back from an Axe-Fx to a tube rig and am now using a VHT Pittbull Ultra Lead.
Since I'm used to switching everything through midi, I've been looking into buying a RJM Mini Amp Gizmo for my UL.

After multiple searches here and on other boards, I still have on question that is withholding me of ordering a RJM Amp Gizmo.

Since the provided footswitch of the UL has no dedicated button for the clean channel, you always need to pay attention to which switches are 'on'. When going from lead to clean, you need to make sure that the rhythm switch is off.

So, I was wondering whether using a midi switcher with the RJM woud bypass this? Could I switch between clean, rhythm and lead in whatever order I like with just one click of a button?

Thanks in advance!