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Thread: Fane F70G vF70; Is there a difference?

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    Question Fane F70G vF70; Is there a difference?

    I was wondering if anyone knows whether there is a difference between the Fane F70 speakers you can readily purchase and the Fane F70G speakers that Fryette is offering in their cabinets. If they are different, is there a way to purchase the F70G's separate from a cab? I don't see them listed in the store section of the Fryette website.

    I recently played a F70G loaded Fat Bottom 4X12 cab at a shop and they had it hooked up to a cab switcher with several other cabs (Mesa Rectifier cab, Orange 4x12, Friedman 4x12) and it just blew those other cabs out of the water for my tastes. The low end was punchy and present, mids were clear, and the high end was smooth. The other cabs sounded nasal or or thin in comparison.


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    I'm interested also.
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