I Love my GP/DI and have used it for everything, but I am wondering if someone from tech support or some power users out there could provide instructions for Re-amping. Specifically, should the DI output go to a Mic/Inst Pre or a Balanced Line Input on my interface? My first instinct was to send it to a pre, but I had to add gain to get an equivalent signal strength, requiring some cumbersome trail and error. My pre's are fairly good (neutral) but I'd rather not alter the integrity of the signal that way. Secondly, when I return the recorded signal to the aux input on the rear of the GP/DI, from a Balanced Line Out on my interface, should I use the Line or Inst setting on the GP?

I am not a total novice to recording and signal chain concepts, but I've only recently acquired an interface with enough ins and outs to accommodate a re-amping workflow, so I would greatly appreciate a set of "best practices" specific to the GP/DI.