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Thread: Fryette ultra lead "volume loss"

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    Default Fryette ultra lead "volume loss"

    Hi Guys,

    I recently purchased a second Ultra lead and have experienced a major loss in volume.
    Anyone experience the same problem?
    Have changed all tubes, checked voltages, resistor values etc and no fix???
    Please help!

    Thank you!

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    Interesting. I have a 14 year old 50ST that just began fading out on volume, rolling off to zero and then back up to normal volume after a few seconds, at random. I don't play it out anymore, and it's had pretty light use over the time I've owned it (since new). This doesn't sound like a tube issue to me, but something overheating, as it otherwise sounds great.

    Sorry to hijack your thread, but thought maybe it was the same issue with the same solution. Does Fryette still do servicing? Seems they have become a smaller company with fewer offerings (?)

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