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Thread: GP/DI ooutput option question

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    Default GP/DI ooutput option question

    I am using this in front of a line level FX chain into a pwr amp and speakers. Am I correct that there is no way to control output section saturation in the master section independently of output level going out to my fx? I'm using the Amplifier Out line out, so it just is what it is. I'm wondering if there is another configuration that would give me that control, without the cab/mic engaged. I'm not finding a way, but thought I'd ask here before adding something for level control to the chain. Right now I can't crank the output section so whatever output stage goodness may be there is not available in my setup, without ODing the first unit in my fx chain.
    thanks for any feedback

    never mind, got it duh!!
    Use Direct 2 out, switch off cab+mic, master volume and output levels independent. I'll just leave this up in case it's useful to anyone
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