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Thread: How To Hook Up a Deliverance and Fat Bottom Cabinet

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    Default How To Hook Up a Deliverance and Fat Bottom Cabinet

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a Deliverance 2X12 and older VHT Fat Bottom 2X12. The Deliverance has two inputs, one 8ohm and the other 16ohm stereo. (And there is a switch for stereo) The VHT Fat Bottom has two side by side but they are unlabeled.

    When I am using them both with my amp, do I use the left (switch flipped to Stereo) on the Deliverance and left (unlabeled and assuming 16ohm) on the Fat Bottom? This would mean 16ohm for both (I think, but no sure since the Deliverance in unlabeled) and then using the 8ohm switch on my amp. (It has 4, 8 and 16ohm options)

    Or would I use both right inputs, and they are both 8ohm, which means I use the 4ohm switch on my amp.

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with either of these cabinets in stereo and what I should do. I don't want to damage my amp.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Its Very Good Information I had never know about this before...Thank you so much.

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