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Thread: Hardwired FX Loop

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    Default Hardwired FX Loop

    Hello All,

    would it be possible to hardwire the FX-Loop to the green channel of my CL 50 with Reverb for example.

    What i want to have is just the raw tone of the red channel and then when i make one step to the green i have whole Delay and Reverb party.

    I think im bound to the end with my Pitty so i want to do this.

    If this would be possible i would search for somebody in Germany.

    Best and Happy new year!

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    Have no idea if this would work but its an idea , the FC 2 combo controller footswitch has a switch to turn the fx loop on / off if you could confirm with support etc that it would work you could move the channel switch button next to the fx switch and hit em both at the same time ... May or may not be easier than the other but just a thought .

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