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Thread: Fryette Ultra Lead Limited (no EQ) AMAZING AMP!! $3000.00 U.S.

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    Default Fryette Ultra Lead Limited (no EQ) AMAZING AMP!! $3000.00 U.S.

    This is one of the most renowned & highly regarded guitar amps ever made. One of the few amps that can cover any type of music: rock, blues, country, jazz, metal, etc. An extremely versitile amp that produces everything from pristine cleans, broken, pushed, vintage distortion or all out gain.

    For sale is a limited run/edition - a simpler version, which includes all the features of the standard Ultra Lead but without the EQ section. Without an EQ the Presence & Depth controls are now on the front panel for greater convenience & the foot controller has less switches & takes up a smaller footprint - included is a small footswitch by Nice Racks Canada - two switches that just control channel switching for those who leave the FX loop on all the time & use a boost pedal instead of the amps' boost.

    This amp provides amazing clarity & definition. It's very articulate, focused & sensitive to your touch. The KT-88 power tubes offer the best of both worlds: the sparkle of EL34s & the fat sound of 6L6s. Only a half a dozen or so Ultra Leads are made every year, which sell for $3800 U.S.

    With exception of one scratch on the back panel, this amp is in mint condition. Original box, power cable, controller & Nice Rack Canada footswitch w/20 Ft. TRS cable included.

    Three channels: LEAD, RHYTHM & CLEAN
    120 WATTS
    Gain Stacking
    Series/Parallel Effects Loop
    Power Amp Mute
    Half Power Mode
    Variable Line Out

    Front Panel:
    Input HI/LO
    Lead Channel: Lead Gain, Lead Switch, Hi Gain Switch, Lead Volume
    Rhythm Channel: Rhythm Boost, Rhythm Gain, Rhythm Switch, Hi Gain Switch, Rhythm Volume, Edge, Treble, Shift, Middle, Bass
    Clean Channel: Clean Volume, Boost, Treble, Bright, Middle, Shift, Bass
    Master Volume
    Standby, Power

    Rear panel:
    Ground Switch
    AC Input
    Mains Fuse
    DC Fuse
    Power Amp Mute Switch
    Impedance Selector
    Speaker Output Jacks
    Line Out Level
    Line out
    Footswitch Jack
    Loop Switch
    Loop Return Jack
    Series Parallel Switch
    Loop Level Switch
    Loop Send Jack
    Loop Level/Mix

    4 - KT-88 power tubes
    5 -12AX7
    1 -12AT7

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    Is this still available?

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