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Thread: Boost pedal for D120 - Tight, Crunchy

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    Default Boost pedal for D120 - Tight, Crunchy

    I just got a D120 not too long ago. Had a Sig: X and wanted the simplicity of the D120.

    I'm still finding new tones and figuring the right blend of amp gain settings and guitar volume settings for certain tones.

    I'm thinking what I might want/need to do is get a boost pedal to serve for tight/crunchy gain stuff.

    I love clean tones and can get that will my guitar's volume but I may set the amp a little less hot so that the cleaner stuff sounds more bright, and playing with pickup(s) in humbucking mode with max volume will yield some good breakup. But I think a boost would be good to give an extra edge for higher gain stuff, so I cover all the territory I want.

    Any gain pedal suggestions? I want something that will push the amp but not result in a loose/fuzz/splatty gain. Sometime that will retain/added tightness and some crunch.

    I build pedals so I was thinking of a RC Booster circuit or something like that. I know a lot of metal players like an 808 circuit to tighten things up.

    Your thoughts?

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    I use the rc booster to do exactly what you want. I don't like tubescreamers with the deliverance at all.

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    I love my TS-808 clone with my D60. It's exactly what you describe -- tight and crunchy. Not something I keep on all the time, but it's definitely very useful for pushing things over-the-top.

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