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Thread: In case anyone is looking for one...

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    Default In case anyone is looking for one...

    I've got a VHT G-100-E 12" guitar speaker up for bid on Ebay. It came out of my Pittbull Fifty/Twelve. It's in great shape w/ no issues.
    I apologize if it's against any rules of this forum to post things like this. I searched the FAQ's and didn't see anything regarding it so I figured I'd post it in case any of you need a replacement or backup.

    If that doesn't show up as a link, it's item # 7364459768

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    Sorry guys! I didn't realize there was a Buy and Sell forum here! My bad.


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    Ya, I have high bid on it.

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    Thanks for the speaker Greg. Excellent transaction, and very fast. Speaker sounds great in my old Bandit, can't wait until tomorrow to fire it up with the Bassman.

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