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Thread: 1994 Ultra Lead Clip

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    Default 1994 Ultra Lead Clip

    Sorry for the poor quality recording and the errors but those are good for the clip imo because you can hear the transparency or lack of forgiveness. I am really digging this amp so far.

    Recorded with my Iphone on the floor about a foot away from the speakers: Chinese V30's X WGS HM75's and it was sitting in front of the 75. I did use a HPF to match the sound in the room and not the overdriven Iphone.

    JJ 6l6g's and all stock VHT branded 12ax7's apart from me putting a random Baldwin 12au7 in the drive stage.

    Ibanez S540 maple neck with a tone zone in the bridge. Old strings and I am pretty sure my intonation is far off Jus twanted to get a clip of this amp up and do not really have a good recording set up just yet.

    Rythym Channel:

    Boost on, Gain = 2:30, Volume 9:00, Edge off, Treble = just a bit over 2:00, Shift off, Mid = 2:30, Bass = just a bit under noon, Master = 1:00 Prescence and depth = just a bit under noon and the voicing switch is off.

    I am still messing around with it. Going to do some tube testing with KT88's and different preamp tubes to see what I can come up with and maybe throw an overdrive in front.
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    Sounds like fun..
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