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Thread: 2/90/2 no sound

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    Default 2/90/2 no sound

    Hi everyone!!!
    I am one of the lucky owner of 2/90/2 and just woudlike to ask you guys for advice. The story happened when i bought myself new cab Egnater Armageddon AR-412A
    Everything was fine first day, turned everything off and left everything as it was for next day thinking i will stay at home on my own then i will turn the volume up a bit to check what i have actually bought. What happened next day....? No sound at all the only way to hear ANYTHING was to turn my preamp output all the way up and volume in power amp nearly all the way up as well. The settings in amp were: Power on Low mode, impedance 4ohm and connected to 4ohm socket on my cab. I was checking that speaker cab first time at very very low volume because that was late evening (kind in bed, neighbors etc.) So i don't really know what is happening? I checked both channels and i got the same story, checked all my possible cables and nothing. Hooked up to my sound card and the only way to hear something was to turn everything up in my computer and all the way up i amp but even then i could barely hear anything. Everything is fine with my cab (i hope so) i have checked that by using 9v battery and got response so... i just need you help and support guys. This amp was never gigged and was only hooked up 3 times to 4x12 cabinet in the past.
    Summarizing when i am simply touching a jack plug at volume let say 9 o'clock or 4 o'clock there’s no sound and the only way to hear anything is to turn volume at the "source" all the way up.
    Thank You for anything
    Greetings Mac
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