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Thread: SigX Settings sound questions

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    Default SigX Settings sound questions

    Hello from France

    I've a VHT SigX I play on a 4x12 VHT Deliverance (and sometimes with a 4X12 Soldano)

    I play a progressive modern metal, on a Tom Anderson Drop Top guitar, tuned in E standard.
    my band is composed with:

    my settings for the lead chanel:

    -Gain: 5 or MAX
    -Boost: 2:30 OFF
    -Gain switch: MORE
    -Power Shift: 100w
    -Master: 11 (my drummer is an asshole who hit his drum extremly strong)
    -WOOD mode
    -Treble: 12:30
    -Middle: 13:00
    -Bass: 6:30 (or OFF)
    -Presence: 4:00
    -Depth: 2:00

    My bass button is 6:30 or OFF, because when we jam together, with a "normal setting" (I call "normal setting" a balanced setting between, Bass/treble/middle) my Bass frequences, hide the sound of the bass. So, If I want to be in the mix, I had to cut the bass frequences.

    Now, my question:
    I play a progressive modern metal in E (or Drop D) but my sound sounds like a hard/heavey sound, and I would like to sound metal and I don't know how !
    because when a play to a normal volume without drum I've the sound I like, but when this (f***ing) drumer came, I had to adjust the volum and when I change the volume, the sound changes dramaticaly.

    Could you help me?

    thanks a lot and excuse me for my bad english.
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    Put baffles around the drums and run your amp at a reasonable level.

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    I don't know what you consider to be a normal volume but in my experience most amps (including the Sig) tend to attenuate highs and high-mids when played at a low(ish) volume. Maybe it's the Fletcher-Munson curve at work, I don't know..

    Anyway: you almost always are forced to adjust your eq-settings when going from a livingroom volume to gig/rehearsel volume, mostly in the mids and treble/presence department in my experience. Also try lowering your gain as gain equals compression = less cut in the mix.

    Raising your cab somewhat from the floor can help in controlling the low frequencies.

    Experiment with the resonance vs bass settings also.

    Other than that: hit drummer with something sharp and heavy

    Good luck !


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