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Thread: Would a 2/90/2 work in a hi-fi stereo setup?

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    Default Would a 2/90/2 work in a hi-fi stereo setup?

    I have a 2/90/2 that I rarely if ever actually use (use a Sig X and a Pittbull Classic usually for almost everything). I don't have any hi-fi gear, but am looking to put together a system for stereo listening and my TV. Main uses would be for my TV, then for stereo listening (rock, classical, jazz, etc, hopefully at a real hi-fi level). Used Vandersteen pairs tend to go for cheap and would be a start on the speakers front, then getting a preamp/receiver and a good CD player to round out with the 2/90/2.

    My dad was (and is) a huge hi-fi nut and I've inherited some of that appreciation for high quality audio reproduction.

    I've read that the 2150 was a reasonable hi-fi amp and am wondering if the frequency response on the 2/90/2 would get it into that hi-fi direction or if it's really just tailored towards guitar use.

    Any pointers on this front?

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    I've never heard the frequency response discussed. A couple of things come to mind. People with modelers tend to like the Fryette power amps for their lack of additional colouration, but that said Fryette came out with the LX20 (IIRC) which has a FRFR switch allowing it to actually be flat FR. Steve was doing a demo where he was switching between this and the normal mode, then the 2/50/2 both of which sounded progressively a little more coloured than the LX in FRFR mode. I'd say you probably wouldn't want to use it as a HiFi amp, there are plenty of good HiFi power amps out there that would probably be better suited to that task.

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    I've actually used all of our power amps in my home stereo at one time or another, and compared them to good quality solid state power amps (Pioneer, Yamaha, BGW, Crown), and tube power amps (Dynaco, Macintosh). The first power amps I ever built were Dynaco kits. They are still great sounding power amps.

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    My general impressions are that they all do something slightly better for one thing than another. The Classic was the best overall, followed by the Black Beauty and the 2/50/2. The 2150 and the 2/90/2 were good for rock records and maybe with different power tubes might work pretty well all around. A lot would depend on the speakers too. The JBL 4311s can fill up a room with low end pretty easily.

    You'll have to experiment with it a bit, but one thing for sure is that compared to a solid state power amp. all of them will have a little more of an organic, tactile character.

    The mic on the speaker is to check the level balance. There's one on each speaker feeding a calibrated dB meter.
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    Its Awesome...I like it.I had never Know about it.Thank you.

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