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Thread: Taming the boost a bit

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    Default Taming the boost a bit

    Hi there,
    i am more than happy with my Memphis 30. But what i can´t use is the boost because - for my taste - it pushes the volume to much. I read elsewhere that the boost is about 6db. Is there a chance to modify the boost so it is only half as loud? I would like to use it for solo work or a more crunchy tone controlled by the guitars volume knob.

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    Default Taming the boost via the effects loop.

    Hi jørn,
    Taming the boost is one of the things I talk about in my post below about getting a second foot switch. I have the original foot switch for the channel/boost and use the second foot switch for the loop/reverb. With the loop set to serial and nothing plugged into it, you can use the loop volume control to either boost or lower the overall volume. What I do is step on both the loop and boost switch at the same time, and then adjust the loop volume to get desired overall volume. This way I can get the gain boost from the boost switch, but tame the overall volume via the loop.
    Hope this makes sense.
    PS I bought my second foot switch on eBay a while back. I made the labels myself with a cheap label maker.
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