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Thread: Looking for 50CL w/ EQ Head Manual

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    Post Looking for 50CL w/ EQ Head Manual

    I just bought a 50CL Head and can't locate a manual. I found a file called G50CL on the documents page, but it is just a definition of each knob/button. Is there a real manual for this thing? Any help or link would be great. Thanks!

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    I'd be grateful for it too

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    What you found is the manual. The only other document available would be the tube chart and I'm pretty sure its on this site, too.

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    I would love to have a better manual as well, something like performance notes. Explanations and illustration on the sound shaping capabilities. I mean everyone has to start somewhere, we don't come to this world highly proficient with good tube amps

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    It does! Thank you, Alex

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