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Thread: DIY footswitch idea - is it possible?

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    Default DIY footswitch idea - is it possible?

    So I've actually just been using the Rhythm and Lead channel on my Sig X - I really like that you can set the channel switch on the front panel to activate only those two channels; when you hit the "clean" button, it just says on the rhythm channel. Very cool.

    So I'm not using the Clean channel nor am I using the Effects Loop switch - I just leave the "bypass" On, on the rear panel and have the Loop engaged all the time.

    My question is; Is it possible to build footswitch with just switches for the Rhythm, Lead channels and their boosts?

    I'm about to build a pedalboard and I'm not using many pedals these days, so if I could make a smaller switcher for the Sig X, that would be awesome.

    If so, Is it possible that Fryette could hook it up with a schematic of the footswitch? If not, I understand, just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

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    I'd also like to know this, as my sig-x was stolen some 3 years ago and believe it or not, I recovered it some 2 weeks ago but without the foot switch. I did like the fact that it would remember the boost/loop setting per channel so this functionality is definetly on my wish list. Otherwise can I hook it up to my midi fx rack to switch channels, I'm doing this on my pittbull (which I got after losing the sig) but just use the channel switching analog plug for this.

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