I am the original owner of 2 VHT Pitbull 45 heads and 2 custom made VHT 2x12 slant cabinets in Hunter green Tolex for sale. All are in excellent condition. One of the heads and one 2x12 slant was gigged once and all are in excellent condition. All have been in my smoke-free home studio since I got them in about 2004. I have not used them since about July 2009 and am going to thin my equipment collection. The heads originally listed for $1,595 and the cabinets were about $750 each. That's $6,190 worth of gear for only $2,500.

I am friends with Steve Fryette, and he custom made the 2x12 slants for me. These used to be offered them as part of the regular catalog and had been discontinued. They are the same width as the Pitbull 45 head (which is the same size as the 1968-70 +/- Marshall JTM 45 50-watt Plexi heads). That makes the cabinets about 26" x 26" and more portable than a 4x12 cabinet, yet the larger than average size helps to make them sound full, fat and articulate. All cabinets come with the popular VHT P50-E speakers made by Eminence. Those speakers tend to help give separation in the notes and are a great match for the EL-84 quartet of tubes in each head. The heads include 2-channels, dirty and clean and a boost feature that makes the heads replicate a 3-channel amp (hit the boost switch on the foot controller for extra volume and gain during solos). Each head includes a 4-button footswitch and one of the two has about a 25 foot cable thay Stevie extended for me, which would come in handy on deep stages.

Please email with questions. I will separate the items, but would prefer to sell at least the green heads and 2x12 slants cabinets as a half-stack unit. I will sell one head and one slant together. I will consider all reasonable offers.