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Thread: SAS pedal... but how would a boostassio sounds?

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    Default SAS pedal... but how would a boostassio sounds?

    Hi just happy to getta SAS Fryette Distortion pedal.. i gotten it used and i'll try to getta new piece off from Dave if he has gotten one.. just get it to pushed my front end of my 50CL and yes i just like the way it sounded very hairy with fatten up notes sweet in a way with the "Dry" character still very dynamic has gotten the bites and chomps i want...

    amp gain set at 1400,master 1400, channel volume 0830,treble 1530,mids 1300, bass 1300.

    SAS set at: Gain slightly crack open 800?, Bias set more towards Pissed 1500, volume at 1000.

    i dont know how would anyone uses the pedal itself when i tried setting it clean 50CL i backed off the treble at 11am..

    this pedal has huge volume response when pushing a clean tone..i set the other way round with gain at 10:00 and bias more towards bliss at 1030.. volume just cracked open... mmmmm imo it sounded very much fuzz than distortion.. but i like it when pushed to gain to 1500 as what Steve describe thats what the intention of this pedal is about.. kinda like the old super cranked up black sabbath tone "Sweet leaf" very fun playing it as if speakers are getting tons out lol

    i got amazed too when setting this pedal to clean... very beautiful cleans ! gain at zero and pushed the volume to way up high 1100...

    nice pedal ! i'll getta new pedal soon as i gotten it used from TGP...

    anyone have the boostassio? could describe further please? i'll like to get hold of one dont know how it compares to the SAS ....

    my only dislike about this pedal is that its gotten a different sized power cable socket off from the SAS unit.. i gotten a danish CIOKS AC8 and the cable they provided standard didnt fit.. i was wondering if its the cause of the AC12V requirements of this pedal ?
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