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Really agree with this.

I'm only 3 hours up the coast from the L.A. Amp Show (Van Nuys, CA. Oct 6 & 7), and I would like to make my first "pilgrimage" to this event. As of today, I still don't see Fryette's name on the Show-Exhibitors list!!!!
Amp show link: http://www.ampshow.com/

BTW...the Fryette Memphis 30 is such a ****ingly ****ing awesome amp...
You should make the pilgrimage - it's worth it. Nothing like having lots of great gear that people want you to play! My only challenge is chops envy - there are lots of great players there and I start to get self conscious. One cool things is you can check stuff out at volume, and sometimes it does get LOUD! Nothing like walking into a hotel room with a 100 watt full stack cranked up!

Hope Fryette decides to show up...