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Thread: Very quick attempt at a Fryette-ish sound from a digital modeler...thoughts?

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    Default Very quick attempt at a Fryette-ish sound from a digital modeler...thoughts?

    I used two of the P50E impulses made by reneisgod from the Ultimate Metal forums, along with LePou LeXtac and TS-999.

    EDIT: Here's another one that I just did, with a different guitar:

    2nd EDIT: I added Reason bass and drums to the second clip:
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    Sounds great. Better in the mix, maybe a little fuzzy stand alone. I hear almost a 5150 sort of tone.

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    I think it sounds pretty good ..... the top is not as smooth as I think of Fryette.
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    I did some seems that the impulses I used were made from an FB212 cab, but the stock P50Es had been replaced with V30s....oops.

    Does anyone know where I can find some P50E impulse responses?

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    I've hunted P50 impulses myself and found nothing. RedWirez have IRs from a Soldano cab with Eminence Legend V12s, though, which are arguably closer than V30s.
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