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    I searched and couldn't find any be-all end-all amp settings thread, so here it goes. Any amp you want. Maybe after a while this thread could be a nice repository for great tone, even though Fryette amps really only take minimal tweaking. Or maybe we can just make fun of each others' weirdo settings.

    [50CL: Red is on low gain, no boost. Edge out, shift in. Green on high gain, boost on, edge out, shift in. Auto mode rectifier switching, Class A/B. Power amp voicing switch out. D60: More]

    Settings for use with V30/K100 2x12 cab.

    Post 'em if you've got 'em!

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    Mk's mine for the week , master usually round 9.30 though ideally it should be around 12 or 1 oclock but im tryin Real hard to be a good neighbour , lead edge off ,rhythm edge always on and mid shift mostly on , clean i alternate between bright and mid shift on and off all the time depending what im doing, reverb is about a quarter and presence is about say 1 out of ten , 2 x U.K Celestion CL 80s for now ...
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