Customer has a Fifty/CL. Trades it in for a Sig:X. Likes it but misses some of the CL vibe - of course - 3 channels, 100W, KT88s, etc, etc...

Here's my shot at getting the Fifty/CL vibe happening on the Sig:

P.S. The Sig is definitely more "dense" in the low mids than the CL. Keeping the Bass low decreases the low end density while turning the Depth up enhances the CL low end resonance (speaker reaction). It may seem counter-intuitive...well, yeah, it is counter-intuitive. C'est la vie (all knob settings refer to the clock face hour hand):

Rhyrhm Channel

Gain I – 12
Gain II – 5
Master – 10
Treble – 1
Middle – 11
Bass – 12.30
Presence – 4:30
Depth - 3

Remember - clock face, not 1-10