Hey guys, I need opinions from people that have some experience with hi-gain. Please read through:

(My guitar is a 6string - standard tuning - regular 10-46 gauge strings, always played on highest gain channels with Maxon OD9 in front)

Alright, I have Mesa's 2:90 power amp (6L6 tubes) with various preamps and MXR 10band EQ in loop, and I play on a full stack: two standard marshall 16ohm 4x12 cabinets with G12T75 and G12T100 speakers (total power handling of 650 watts).

Now my tone is very bassy and saturated with gainy high mids. I pump a lot of bass in there and push the 2:90 poweramp at about 2 O'clock, and guess what, it sounds like its clipping in the bass section. Sounds like crap but I need it that loud to play with my band, yes we play loud. It sounds good a lower volumes like 12 O'clock but my band plays loud, and I need my tone loud and bassy on the palm muted chords, but now it just sounds like an erupting volcano. The bass gets loss and it sounds like its bursting out.

The speakers don't even fart, which is weird, usually heavy bass signals on SS heads make my speakers do that low THUMP even at low volume. Now with the mesa. I also tried the same setup with a Triple Rectifier Head (6L6 tubes) and it's the same problem. I even tried hooking up the preamps to the power amp of the triple recto, same thing again, tried different settings.

Now this is where VHT/Fryette comes in context:

Went to the store, plugged my guitar in a FRY Pitbull100 head with KT88, messed around with the Graph EQ on it and boosetd the 2 low frequency bands. Guess what, even at extremely low volumes I could make these speakers punch the bass through my guts during palm muting. As I was pushing the volume up I noticed that the ''thump'' never clipped once. The only thing I noticed is that it didnt seem like it could go very high volume wise, not even as loud as my Triple rectifier (obviously).

Also, I only want rack mounted gear from now on so I was wondering if the TWO/NINETY/TWO VHT/FRY power amp could at least be as loud as the Triple Rectifier and still be able to provide that ''thump'' ? I read on technical boards that KT88 had a better bass frequencies handling than the 6L6, and doesn't clip as easily. Which leads me to think that a poweramp filled with KT88 would do much bettter to my tone.

I heard from different sources that the Vht 2/90/2 was definitely not as loud as the Mesa 2:90, but anything quieter than a Triple Recto would just be useless to me. Also I'm afraid that if it's not as loud it will start clipping in the low frequencies as well.

Plus, if KT88 don't clip as easily, will it be canceled by the fact that there are only 4 tubes in the 2/90/2 vs 8 tubes in the 2:90? I'm thinking, in that case, will ONE KT88 handle more bass than TWO 6L6? thus making it worthwile to switch from Mesa2:90 to VHT2/90/2... ? Yes? No? Comments?

Maybe what I really need is four 4x12 with 2 PitbullUL and not rackmounted gear? But there is not way this will fit in our van.