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Thread: FS VHT 50ST w/reverb and eq/Mesa 4x12/Celestion speaker

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    Default FS VHT 50ST w/reverb and eq/Mesa 4x12/Celestion speaker

    Selling the stack and a spare speaker. Got tired of lugging around the cab and head and bought a combo.

    VHT 50ST EL34s - Beautiful burgundy tolex tone machine. Has reverb and EQ to dial in the tones. I used it to get some real nice blues/Santana sounds, but these heads are so versatile, the high gain is there too (my sons band used it to record). The tolex has some bumps and scrapes, but its in real nice shape. Gigged about 4 times the rest of the time was in a smokeless basement studio $900 + shipping

    Mesa 4x12 cab - Not much needs to be said about this classic cab. It has 4 Vintage 30's. Its a bit beat up cosmetically, but the sound is perfect. $450 + shipping

    Head and Cab together - $1300 + shipping

    Celestion Seventy G12P-80 - I put a Vintage30 in the combo and pulled this out. Its in perfect condition $75 + shipping

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    Located in Canton, MA

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    Still for sale.

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    50ST is SOLD

    Cab and speaker still available

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