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Thread: Tips for obtaining fast customer service from Fryette!

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    Exclamation Tips for obtaining fast customer service from Fryette!

    You are welcome to post tech questions here on the forum and we will do our best to check in and respond. However, detailed communications, local tech support and warranty questions are best handled directly through the support mailbox:

    Contacting the factory is easy. Just call 818-980-2800 and follow the prompts. If you require emergency assistance, just dial 0 at
    the start of the greeting message. If you leave a message your call will be responded to as quickly as possible. Please remember that we are a relatively small group here and resources get eaten up quickly if everyone treats a routine question as an emergency. Please be patient and leave a brief, clear message including your name, your basic question or issue - again, please be brief, we'll get all the details when we call back - and CLEARLY leave your telephone number.

    IMPORTANT! If you're calling from a cell phone, REPEAT YOUR CELL NUMBER TWICE. Dropouts may occur during your message in which case we may not get the complete number. If we can't hear or clearly understand your callback number, we can't call you back.

    When sending emails, please dispense with the pretty wallpaper. We don't care what the message looks like. We only need the info, your REAL NAME, location, a phone number, and ALWAYS INCLUDE THE CHASSIS MODEL NUMBER AND SERIAL NUMBER on the back of the unit. Put a short summary of your issue or question in the subject box. Example: "Technical Question about my GP3". Leaving a blank subject line or putting in nonspecific things like "Hi", "Hello", "Important Message", etc could cause your email to be spam filtered.

    Messages like the following: "werecanifindapitbulincincinati" will get dumped. Don't laugh - this happens all the time!

    If you requested a small part under 10$, we usually send these by post at no charge. Sometimes these get lost in the mail. We do keep mailing records of no charge parts shipments. If you don't receive it within a couple of weeks, let us know right away. Don't wait 5 weeks or so and then post a complaint on a message board elsewhere about our lousy customer service. Contact us directly. That way we know you didn't receive it and can send another one right away.

    For more information, please follow the links below.


    Fryette Support Team
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