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Thread: sovtek kt 88 tubes sound harsh

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    Default sovtek kt 88 tubes sound harsh

    To me the sovtek kt 88 tubes in my d60h deliverance sound harsh and brittle piercing,im going to change them and go with the JJ KT 88 tubes what do you guys think,im not a big fan of sovtek tubes.

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    One of the Sovteks in my D60 died shortly after arrival.
    I had a quad of KT88EH's and a pair of Tungsol 6550's lying around.
    After a lot of experimenting I've settled for the 6550's although lately I'm wondering whether or not I'm going to buy me a pair of Svetlana 6550's.

    My UL came with them in it and sounded very good so I'm wondering if maybe some benefit can be had from switching over to the Svet's.

    The impressions about the JJ's I read mostly is that they are too hifi sounding. I've never tried them so I can't comment on that.


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    Im not crazy about any russian tubes all the tubes that you mentioned(brand wise)are all made by sovtek and are just being rebranded.
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    Lupo, Polo, Golf and Passat are all made by the same factory and still I like some more then the others.

    Going by what you say they all should sound the same and I can tell from experience they definately do not


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    I would agree with the assesment that Sovteks are the harsher sounding of the russian tubes.
    BnB Tubes sucks!!

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    I cant understand why a company like VHT,that make great amps would use tubes like sovtek,i tube that in my opinion and the opinions of other VHT users that i know sound horrible.

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    Steve Fryette uses what he thinks sounds the best. My amp was harsh when it was new, but now that it (and the speakers) are broken in, it's smooth and creamy...

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    Sovtek tubes are cheap tubes thats why vht and other amp companies use them,there are better tubes out there (brand wise) that sound way better then sovtek.

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    Default Why indeed

    Quote Originally Posted by nitro View Post
    I cant understand why a company like VHT,that make great amps would use tubes like sovtek...
    The Sovtek KT88 is superior in every respect to many other so called "high end" offerings in terms of consistency, reliability, build quality, roadworthiness, and balanced tone. Perhaps there is something else in your rig that is contributing to your perceived harshness. But that's entirely subjective and you are certainly entitled to your personal taste...however, please read on.

    Pictured here is a JJ KT88SV – a tube many people believe is one of the best available. Look closely at the plate assembly. Notice that is it bent almost entirely to the left side of the bottle. This tube sustained only a minor bump in transport which resulted in total failure due to electrode misalignment. Notice also the complete lack of support around the bottom side of the plate assembly compared to the top. The top alignment wafer resides inside the narrow part of the top of the tube. There is no such support on the bottom. Knowing this, one would think the manufacturer would attempt to resolve this problem by perhaps using much stiffer support rods or a larger diameter wafer like the Sovtek. No such luck.

    This has been the main problem with this tube since its introduction almost a decade ago and I have a set of the original preproduction samples to prove it. The Sovtek KT88 can sustain a 3 foot drop onto a cement floor and not suffer anywhere near this kind of result. In addition this tube does and always has exhibited excessive transconductance, which is partly responsible for the mid heavy response and excessive heat produced by this tube. Given the facts, it should be apparent that the price is far out of line with the inherent quality problems of this product.

    The question isn’t whether or not we use cheap tubes, but why we would use such an obviously flawed, overpriced component on which so much of the amplifiers performance and reliability depends.

    No disrespect to GT, by the way. They don’t manufacture it.

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    Stevie the tube that you have pictured the groove tube kt88sv is a russian tube not a jj tube,groove tube never used a jj kt 88,there kt 88 tubes(groove tube) are all russian and chinese,i asked groove tube about there kt 88 tubes and thats what they explained to me,all groove tubes are made overseas.The groove tube sv kt88 is a wing C tube.(russian)
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