I have a 50/12 1x12 in really good shape that I'm looking to sell or trade. It is the EL34/6l6 model, footswitch, 2 channel, reverb, presence, and all the other typical features of VHT amps. My band has gone a little heavier of a sound and I added a 4x12 cab so I dont need a combo any longer. I actually prefer to trade rather than sell outright, I'm looking for a VHT 50/100CL head and If the amp is nice will throw in a some $ towards the trade. Outright sell I'm looking for $900 OBO. I'm open to other trades as well (but really hope for another VHT) such as Mesa single or dual rec./H&K Warp X

Thanks Greg

ps - I'll post pics later when I get home from work