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Thread: Sonic Speaker Cabs - Very good stuff

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    Default Sonic Speaker Cabs - Very good stuff

    Sonic Speaker Cabinet with Emience designed speakers...
    Here is a closed back - front mounted straight 4x12 (slanted cabs are available too)

    My Deliverance 60 fits perfect with no over hang! 29" x 14"

    I love mine - they come in grey or black carpet so they take a beating!
    Not stereo, but you can change that

    A vinyl dipped, full steel grill protects the speakers from damage while also yielding a
    uniquely aggressive look to the enclosure.

    200 watts RMS, 8 ohms. 29" x 29"x 14", 90 pounds.

    Pic looks kind of grey, but shes jet black, very cool - so go out and git yer self one right away !

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