I was just on the phone this morning with Gunter Eyb, Luthier and designer of the MegaSwitch, (not to be confused with that brick - the SuperSwitch.) Many of Gunter's products are featured at such sites as Stewart McDonalds, but they choose not to carry his best stuff! For myself, the call culminated a year-long search for one of his double-wafer M4 MegaSwitches.

It all began innocently enough; I was going to upgrade the Pickups in my Ibanez RG760. I finally decided on the following replacements: Seymour Duncan TB-4 in the bridge, Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound, staggered and tapped in the middle, and Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the neck. I also upgraded the pots to a Dimarzio push-pull volume and replaced the tone pot with an EMG Strat Presence Control.

Originally, I was going to control the beast with Mini-Toggles, but I REALLY hate hacking away at my guitars, so I went looking for a five-way switch that would give me the maximum number of possible pickup combinations. That ended up being Gunter's, but actually finding where to get one has turned into a regular quest which ended this morning with the phone call to Germany.

I've got mine. (Well, I WILL have mine in a few days.) The question is: Is anybody else interested in obtaining one? I spoke with Gunter about becoming the North American Distributor for him, and while I’m not looking to make a fortune on these things, neither do I want to lose money, or end up with my cupboard full of them!