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Thread: PB45 arrived - my actual email to seller

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    The amp arrived today! I had to go the Fedex center and pick it up because you required a signature. After playing it for a while you should have required a DNA sample.

    It wasn't what I was looking for. I was looking for a Brown Sound hyper sensitive amp. It is much better. It is very lively and the tones are endless. The pick response that I read about cannot be overstated, the amp is completely responsive to how you play each and every string. The damn thing has 10 tubes! I guess that is what creates the signal variability. As far as that over the top super hyper amp I was looking for? I strongly believe I am better off with this singing bird and and slapping some noise in front of it when I feel I need it than to have a one trick pony. This amp is so active it virtually plays the guitar for me.

    As far as my Marshall combo goes, it is now pointless unless I ship it somewhere and have it mod'ed (maybe Boccaforte??), but I need to do a lot of research. If VHT can mod it I might keep it. The Marshall really just sounded loud and that was about it.



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    Are you talking about the Pitbull 45 combo? You mean ten tubes overall or just the preamp?Sorry just a little confused.

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    Hi, yes the Pitbull combo 1-12. I counted 10 total tubes glowing in the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denver Hacker
    The Marshall really just sounded loud and that was about it.

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    Man, I feel ya. I have a Super Thirty combo, and while it isn't the gainiest of amps, I'd rather have the great dynamics and pure tone and boost it, as well. Glad you like the amp!

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    Thanks Monkey Man! I am trying to determine what to use to kick gain. I tried my Weber power soak, but found it muddied the tone. What do you use and how do you feel about it?

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    I use a Maxon reissue OD808 type thingy, and it works really well. Basically a Tube Screamer. I use it as a clean boost just to get a little more ooomph and sustain.

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