Google and Netflix moving forward with artificial intelligence

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Netflix has its system of recommending other movies and shows for you to watch. I watch Captain America The First Avenger and a que asks me if I want to watch Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk or Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Google has an algorithm for speech recognition. What are these and other companies trying to simulate? They want these models to think like humans. It's not likely that these artificial intelligence models can think like humans, but in some cases, they can actually think better than a human. For example, look at Watson, the famous computer who played Jeopardy and won against humans. Or if there is a database of CAT scans with a certain type of label for a tumor, the artificial intelligence model in that case can very quickly search all of the records and find the desired result.

Unsupervised Learning or Memory Foam

A new and exciting field of "unsupervised learning" is growing in the artificial intelligence world. Much like a human, this object is able to gain understanding as a whole, across many different domains. They are calling this "Memory Foam."

Loughborough University in the UK

A team in the UK at Loughborough University has been working on the Memory Foam concept. A memory foam mattress, which is sometimes called newer generation foam, was actually developed by NASA in 1966 to improve their aircraft cushions. Memory Foam softens and molds in all kinds of ways to your body because of the heat your body gives off. *Just like the mattress memory foam, the UK team is trying to program computers in this model to be able to do the same kind of thing. The computer model will form like memory form, taking on the shape of the model that they need it to.

Mary Had a little Lamb

The UK team choose the familiar children's nursery rhyme, "Mary had a little lamb" as the stimulus for their AI model. The computer was able to recognize the song, assimilate it and remembered the components of the song and the frequencies, which was a huge win for Loughborough University and to all of the AI hopefuls as the change that they are looking for.

The rise of the machines

In 1984, we were introduced to Artificial Intelligence in the file, The Terminator. James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced us to machines that could rise up against us, using artificial intelligence. The terminator was able to learn and adapt to the circumstances around us. I don't think we have to worry about Mary and her little lamb turning on us, but like the Terminator said, as far as artificial intelligence and the growth it is going through, "I'll be back."

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