View Full Version : Pitbull UL - Potential Lead Channel Issues?

04-11-2015, 10:21 PM
hi all,

have a pb 100 ultralead EQ which i use every few weeks on a rehearsal basis. during use the other day, from the moment it was turned on the lead channel was just a bit off from it's usual soaring intensity. i pretty much just play clean, with pedals for drive 80% of the time, and then lead channel for really bringing it.

the volume on the lead channel was nowhere to be found, which is usually set to ever so slightly blow the clean/rhythm channels outta the way with a tonne of gain. slightly weird cause my settings are dialed in and don't get touched. gain & vol seemed to be at their normal levels, i moved them a bit higher and higher still but volume on that channel was still lower than the rhythm and clean channels and struggling to be even usable. time was tite so i eventually finished up the session running clean channel only, using a gain pedal for leads.

didn't have much time to troubleshoot at the end either and it's back in storage for the moment, but while the clean and rhythm channels were perfectly quiet while my guitar was silent, when switching to the lead there was a slight hiss/noisiness which struck me as unusual. i can't say for sure if that is normal & it's always like that but it struck me as 'off' along with it's struggle to achieve volume.

i'm no expert, but seems like the most obvious cause might be a tube on the way out?

do these symptoms point to some things i should try? any recommendations for troubleshooting steps?