View Full Version : Best VHT for lead?

09-04-2009, 04:34 PM
I have been told the pittbulls are great for tight riffs. What do you guy think is the best for lead/shredding.

09-06-2009, 05:16 PM
I have been told the pittbulls are great for tight riffs. What do you guy think is the best for lead/shredding.

I have only pleyed the VHT I own which is the 100 CL but judgning of what I've heard I'd say the CL is best.

Then there's of course a matter of taste, what tubes you prefer, EL34 or KT88. I prefer EL34 for leads/solos. I don't know about the CLX tho, it might be "better".

10-04-2009, 01:18 AM
I own a Pitbull 50 CL w/reverb no EQ. I absolutely adore this amp. It came new with Svetlana power tubes and preamp tubes. I've played the 100 CLX and that's the next amp I'm going to buy. I think it sounds killer.

That being said, I used to own a Deliverance 60 and I have played both the Sig X and Ultra lead, all of which had KT88's. They sounded amazing, especially the Ultra Lead. I would consider buying one of those but at that price I'd have to consider other amps like Bogner Ecstasy, Soldano SLO, etc...

Anyway, those being uber cool amps and all, there's just something about the EL34 sound that I really dig above all. I came across a 50 CL when looking for a replacement for my Marshall head. The first thing I thought is "wow! This thing sounds like a better Marshall!"

It had the whole Marshall thing going on but sounded like the Deliverance I used to have too.

Honestly, I know the Deliverance was meant to take pedals really well, but I think the 50 CL takes pedals even better. I love the sounds I get with it and I can play at lower volumes too. My Deliverance went from like 0 volume to 5 in no time.

For lead tones, I prefer the 50 CL on light gain with an OD like a Maxon OD9, SD9 or Fulltone Fulldrive.

One of the things I like about VHT/Fryette amps is that they make me want to play with less distortion. I don't like to use a lot of distortion for lead tones like some guys do, but with a lot of amps, I feel like I want to add a bit more.

With my Pitbull, as with my Bogners, I really feel like I get all the touch response and sustain I need without having to have a flat out saturated preamp sound.

So if you ask me, I would say any of the EL34 models like the Pitbull 100/50 CL or CLX.

Even though the KT88 models have rich harmonic distortion, more natural low end, and great definition, it's that certain sound and spongyness I like the most.